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“A Comedy of Errors”

January 18, 2011


If the drunken Midsumma attendees revelling in the Melbourne Botanic Gardens on Sunday were a case of life imitating art, then Shakespeare is certainly an artist. But if we go beyond the text-book tragedies of our formative years, there’s also a lot of Shakespeare that bears absolutely no resemblance to life… or, probably, to art. […]

The Golden Globes Virtual Experience by Matilda Dixon-Smith

January 17, 2011


*** Note: for the benefit of getting the full “virtual” experience, we have overloaded this post with links, pictures and video Awards nights are one of my favourite things. Today was the 68th Annual Golden Globes (or Sunday night, American time). Since we have no television at our house, I had to make do with […]

The Quest for the Worst Movie Ever Made: Part 1 by Matilda Dixon-Smith

January 11, 2011


I feel like I have been on a search for the worst movie of all-time for a while now. I have seen some SHOCKING movies. I have seen Band Slam with Vanessa Hudgens (which was actually pretty entertaining). I’ve seen Letters to Juliet (Chris Egan was not meant for the films, or to pretend he […]

A Review of My Driving Lesson by Elle Adamson

January 5, 2011


At present, I have no licence. Yes, I have tried. In typical fashion, I left the handbrake on in my first test. Three streets and a U-turn later, I found myself back at Vicroads with a FAIL stamped across my examination sheet. That was two years ago. To be honest living in the middle of […]

“tumblr”: A Review from the Inside by Will Kay

January 3, 2011


Now, it was only a matter of time before I got a tumblr blog because I am of the self-congratulatory sect of the population and tumblr is populated by us. The reason we flock to tumblr is that it gives the appearance of creativity and vision. So in other words tumblr is the wankers’ cum […]

On DVD: “Step Up 3(D)” or “Shirtless Men: A Love Story” by Matilda Dixon-Smith

January 3, 2011


I love a barely-concealed Australian accent. You can’t fool me Sharni Vinson of Home and Away fame, you PRETENDER. You are not “from New York but grew up in London”! You are from SUMMER BAY and when you went to Summer Bay High you wore too much fake tan. So apparently “dance battles” are a […]

Christmas – a review in one parts by Tom Carmody

January 3, 2011


With much shopping and endless frivolity we have entered the curious time of year between Christmas and the New Year, and there arrives a brief respite from fake smiling for reflection. Christmas is without doubt stressful – rather than offering a time to relax and rest, modern western culture has instead provided the highest of […]