Christmas – a review in one parts by Tom Carmody

Posted on January 3, 2011


With much shopping and endless frivolity we have entered the curious time of year between Christmas and the New Year, and there arrives a brief respite from fake smiling for reflection. Christmas is without doubt stressful – rather than offering a time to relax and rest, modern western culture has instead provided the highest of hurdles – catching up with relatives. Presents, sales, alcoholism and talking all become necessary parts of life, and in the name of celebrating the birthday of a deity that is no longer of widespread importance.

Tim Allen IS The Santa Claus (Tom requested this as his feature image. Excellent choice)

You have to wonder whether anyone is having a good time, or whether everyone “feels” they should be enjoying themselves and are afraid to admit otherwise. It’s the old adage, ‘just because your friends are doing it, must you?’ If Jesus told you to jump off a bridge, would you listen to him?

Nahh, let’s just go to the beach.

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