Fashion and the Net: Passion-palooza by Caitlin Hamond

Posted on April 18, 2011


In a world where the witty and charismatic dominate, being lost for words is something I frequently struggle with. Actually I’ve lied already – I’m rarely lost for words. I love to talk. More so, I’m lost for lengthy and complex words that would score well in ‘Words With Friends’, or impress your boyfriend’s parents. For me, the idea of writing an essay for uni is daunting enough. Even knowing the marker is the only person who will realize student 316042 struggles to write eloquently is terrifying. The idea of writing for a blog, although the topic could be more interesting, is far scarier – assuming the only people reading it are likely to be people who know me (and will therefore publicly judge me)! That said, in the wise words of many a writer, ‘write about what you know’. This seems easy enough.

My ‘blog-ginity’ (for want of a better word) shall therefore be lost to my true passion. A passion for fashion.

First, my back story. As a model student for most of my life I followed up my science-based high school subjects with a 6-year medical degree. Three and half years into the course I can see myself enjoying being a doctor and I know I’ve chosen the right path for my future. That said, my high school headmaster had one phrase, which to this day has stuck in my head: “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’”. What I love is clothing. All of them. Old, new, borrowed, blue… Clothes are indeed, as superficial as some may think, my passion. I work to feed my shopping habit, spend hours rummaging through Op-Shops and markets, have multiple scrapbooks of my favorite magazine spreads, and every quick-link in my web browser is for a fashion site. A career in fashion seems unrealistic for me; I have little sewing talent, my knack for photography extends little beyond my skill for getting 8 people in a myspace style shot and unless triangular dresses are in fashion, my stick figure drawings won’t get me far as a design sketcher. So I take out my love for all things expensive and beautiful online. Confidently assuming I’m not the only person with a love for fashion blogs and beautiful photography, I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of my favorite internet finds.

The Sartorialist
It’s easiest to start with something well-known and undeniably fantastic. Scott Schumann is a incredible photographer who lives a life I cannot help but envy – traveling the world, roaming the streets, taking pictures of the world’s well- (and interestingly) dressed. Schumann started off with an interest in men’s fashion but has thankfully spread to women’s as well. His blog unfortunately has little to read, but feast your eyes on the amazing photography and get ready to spend a lot of money on the quality pieces of clothing he inspires you to buy. “The Sartorialist” is also a published book (which, yes, I own) – a great coffee table addition.

An image from todays Sartorialist post "On the street...Broadway, New York"


A site which combines all you need to know about the runway’s greatest models with the best spreads from magazines around the globe. Stalk the models by name, brand, or simply check into the site every few days to see the latest shoots. A much cheaper alternative to renewing your subscription to British Vogue, the site is best for those who love the quirky fashion of the haute couture world.

Very similar to “The Sartorialist”, scroll through pages of peculiar colour combinations and individual items of clothing. “Facehunter” has more of the (debatably) ‘hot or not’ style of fashion, and promises not to bore.

An image from "Facehunter" dated 14/5/2011 (New York)

For those who love to shop online and who also love vintage – hand-made or one of a kind items – you cannot go past “Etsy”. An online store devoted to less run-of-the-mill clothing/accessories, this site is full of wonderful finds that you’ll feel super smug in knowing no one else will have.

Vitnage suit onsale on "Etsy" site

Backyard Bill
Fun for finding out what inspires others to wear what they wear, “Backyard Bill” goes one step beyond a simple photograph and profiles the people  beneath the clothing.

Images of Emily Hope from "Backyard Bill"

Yet another amazing site, “Fashionising” provides the latest fashion news updates about models, campaigns, designers, photographers and more. More in-depth than a lot of the other sites I visit; this web of photos, links and clips will have you lost in fashion cyberspace for hours. Personal favourite links from the site include YouTube clips featuring my favourite models. Most recently the site posted a link to the latest “virtual reality catwalk experience”; where you can watch the Louis Vuitton a/w show (an amazing production held in the Louvre) from the front seat, or with Marc Jacobs commentary. ( fashionably

Models Off Duty
Is it really all hair, make-up and retouching? No… unfortunately this website shows that models are models for a good reason – they’re gorgeous. Living in the fashion world gifts these girls impeccable style, enjoy this site while wishing your legs went to your armpits just like theirs.

Image of Sofie Elskaer from "Models Off Duty"

Go Fug Yourself
Although less classy or, dare I use the word ‘indie’, than the other sites on my list, “GFY” just cannot be missed. For anyone who has ever seen an awards ceremony, magazine cover or tv show and thought “Seriously?!”, this site is for you. Showing mainly the ‘not’s, from the ‘Hot or Not’s of the celebrity world, “GFY” is good for a laugh (and a self esteem pick-me-up when you start to second guess what’s in your wardrobe). There’s also a great collection of links to the tackier fashion sites on the net and a whole lot of hilarious fashion metaphors you can’t help but enjoy.

90210's Jessica Lowndes cops a beating on Fug Nation...because "Fugly is the new pretty"

Additional sites to have a look at –


The Locals

Swagger 360

Jak and Jil

For those who have no interest in fashion, I apologize for wasting your time with what I’m sure you view as pointless information. For those who understand why in 10 years I’ll own a Hermes Birkin as my doctor’s bag, I hope I’ve given you a few quick links for joining in on my favourite pastime.

Thanks for reading!

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