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A Comment on Leash-Babies by Mattie Mould

June 29, 2011


We’ve all seen them. We’ve watched as a child has walked/run/stomped past us in shopping centre/street/park with a leash strapped to their back, as a smug looking parent follows behind them, holding on tight. How is this acceptable? Putting aside the fact that it looks like you are walking your child (and people are thinking […]

“How Do You Know?” Review by Sarah Shepherd

June 26, 2011


Check out the poster for this movie. Naturally, I could not wait to see it! Just the sight of beautiful and talented Reese starring with the love of my life since Clueless (Paul Rudd) got me a bit excited. And I wasn’t disappointed. The movie opens with a little tomboy girl (welcome to my childhood) […]

Newstainment…Awkward. A Review by Andy Lynch

June 22, 2011


If you watch Channel 9 between 5:30 and 9AM each weekday, you will know that the world’s happiest holy leader now has a new notch to add to his golden sash: ‘Awkward Turtle’. Well, ‘awkward and funny’ is how the Today show chose to play out the bomb of a joke unleashed on His Holiness […]

“You’re Dripping Egg” readers, comment on the BBC documentary “Guys and Dolls”, and the Real Doll phenomenon, here!

June 18, 2011


In 2010, editors Will Kay and Matilda Dixon-Smith were shown Guys and Dolls, a documentary about life-size “Real Doll” sex dolls, by a friend. Back then, we were pretty effected by the whole phenomenon. Davecat became a reference in our everyday vernacular. The program, developed by the BBC, had a powerful impact. We all agreed that […]

An Ode to “Fishy”, the Facebook Flash Game, as if Written by German Director Werner Herzog by Andrew Michaelson

June 16, 2011


Plunged into the water, our little fish swims. He is not the biggest fish in the pond, but certainly the most cruel, merciless. This seemingly innocent little fish, unstuck from love or practice, a reminder of our own fragility and youth now lost. It represents an insatiable hunger, consuming his companion fishies for food. He is […]

Procrastination by Will Kay

June 14, 2011


I am a master-in-the-extreme of procrastination. It astounds even me how good at procrastination I am, and I love it too. So much so that when I hear Oprah or some other “new religion” self-help yoda saying “Find a way to make what you love and are good at your job”, I always think Well, […]

“X-Men: First Class—Michael Fassbender Tears It Up” by Matilda Dixon-Smith

June 11, 2011


I’m almost scared to say it, lest I lose my Callous Lady-Tongue street cred. Oh heck, I’m just going to speak my mind on this one: I AM SATISFIED WITH THE OUTCOME OF THIS VENTURE. When I discovered many months ago that they were rebooting the X-Men franchise (a comic-book series I have a long-standing […]