An Ode to “Fishy”, the Facebook Flash Game, as if Written by German Director Werner Herzog by Andrew Michaelson

Posted on June 16, 2011


Plunged into the water, our little fish swims. He is not the biggest fish in the pond, but certainly the most cruel, merciless. This seemingly innocent little fish, unstuck from love or practice, a reminder of our own fragility and youth now lost. It represents an insatiable hunger, consuming his companion fishies for food. He is a predator, his only ambition is to eat his fellow fish, to grow bigger, and eat larger fish. He is awarded points arbitrarily for his genocide. Can our fishy ever be satisfied? Has he even tried the kelp? Perhaps he is not even hungry, his cannibalistic compulsion driven only by the crushing facticity of his existence.

An image of the Facebook game, Fishy.

His fellow fishies placidly swim the waters deep, left to right. Where do these fish go when they cross those black horizons? Our little fishy can never know. His efforts to escape his microcosm simply return him to the other side, a maddeningly infinite loop of futility. Perhaps this confinement is what fuels his eternal acrimony.

His naivety will be his undoing. Our smug little fishy, knowing he can out-manoeuvre his sluggish brethren, enjoys a feast at first. However, he shall soon know the dangers of hubris. As he grows bigger, swelled by the souls and broken dreams of his prey, he slows, no longer capable of the feats of his youth, a fitting symbol of the sins of sloth and greed. Yet he only despoils the fish smaller than him, the coward.

But inevitably, our fishy cannot escape his fate. He, himself, “gulped” like the legions of fish he has eaten before. Perhaps we should name him Icarus, swimming too close to the sun and ultimately defeated by his own unbridled ambition.

Yet death offers no peace for our little fish. His suffering and the suffering he inflicts on his innocent friends shall only begin anew when we play our “game” again.

This has been Fishy, I’m Werner Herzog, as parodied by Andrew Michaelson, good night.

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