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Cosmo-topia! Ill de la Reunion: Not for the faint-hearted by Antonia Vann

July 28, 2011


So, quick debrief. Reunion Island is a French territory located in the Indian Ocean, close to Mauritius, to the east of Madagascar. We’re talking palm trees, flying fish, sparkling blue water and French-speakers. Everywhere. In fact, no one speaks English on this Island, not even in the tourist office. So, if you can’t speak French […]

“Bad Teacher”: Trying Too Hard Gets You Nowhere in Life by Matilda Dixon-Smith

July 26, 2011


It kind of sucks for Bad Teacher that Bridesmaids preceded its release by only a couple of weekends. Not only did Bridesmaids totally steal Bad Teacher’s “Y’all, women ain’t just crying baby-machines!!” controvers-iosity, the former also commands a far greater understanding and execution of comedy. Had Bad Teacher been released before Bridesmaids, I probably would’ve found it a tonne more enjoyable. As it is, the film is […]

Cosmo-topia! Travelling Alone and Meeting People: The strategies for success (or hilarious failure) by Daniel Shutt

July 24, 2011


Travelling alone can seem daunting at first. Just the notion of being completely dislocated from a carefully-constructed and -maintained social sphere can send people running for the nearest alcohol dispensary or purveyor of ice cream. But never fear, my esteemed peers! Brave men and women have trodden this path and survived and prospered. Unfortunately, the […]

Cosmo-topia! A Review of a Croatian Bus Route: Dubrovnik – Rijeka by Will Kay

July 21, 2011


The Croatian waitress shook her head and said with a pained look, “Very far. Long time.” Yes, a very long time, a projected 12-hour bus ride in fact, but in relative distance, it was a pretty short distance from Dubrovnik (in the very south of Croatia close to Montenegro) to Rijeka (in the north-west of […]

Cosmo-topia! The Heineken Experience – A lesson in all things beer (and shameless advertising) by Imogen Dixon-Smith

July 19, 2011


To preface: This is written by a non-beer drinking cynic. If you find yourself in Amsterdam in the near-future and want to have the ‘Heineken experience’, your education awaits. I found the ‘Heineken experience’ easily comparable to your average day at school. It covers every subject a child needs for a well-rounded education, only this […]

Two of a Kind: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2″—What’s life going to be like A.H. (After Harry)? by Mattie Mould

July 17, 2011


There are three basic ways that the last Harry Potter film could be viewed; in complete confusion if you’ve never read the books, in excitement and awe if you have, and through tears if you’re a complete fanatic. I chose the third method and I had to watch it a second time through just to […]

Two of a Kind: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” or “If Hermione’s Standing Between Us, It’s Okay to Hold Hands” by Matilda Dixon-Smith

July 17, 2011


A generation of twentysomethings wept this week as one of the last vestiges of their childhood disappeared. That’s right readers, IT’S THE END OF EVERYTHING EVAH. I’m not quite sure how I survived. Probably because I wasn’t engaged in a gripping mid-air face-grabbing fight with Harry Potter above the decrepit buildings of Hogwarts. I’d wager […]