YDE Update: New and Upcoming in July and August

Posted on July 15, 2011


Get excited, folks, because YDE is really taking off this winter!

Look out for new and upcoming features on the site, including a Staff Favourites section, and International Series and an exciting collaboration with the unofficial Mudfest blog, Muddy Leaks.

This weekend will mark the beginning of YDE’s International Series. We’ve sent our contributors all over the world* (but mostly Europe, if we’re being honest) to scope out the craziest, most interesting things to blog about, so get ready for some seriously cosmopolitan reviews!

Then, keep your eyes peeled for the Staff Favourites section, where we’ll ask out contributors to weigh in on totally important issues (like their favourite flavour of ice-cream).

Also, In August, YDE will be collaborating with Muddy Leaks to review the life of the University of Melbourne’s Mudfest 2011. Watch out for reviews of the exciting, creative goings-on in Melbourne Uni’s student theatre life.

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Keep reading and writing,


The YDE Editors!


*N.B.: YDE does not actually claim responsibility for their contributors being overseas. This is merely a happy coincidence.

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