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YDE Update: What Will You Miss About Winter?

August 31, 2011


Today is the last day of the freakiest Winter ever (at least in Melbourne). Freezing one day, sun beating down the next, with weather like this the You’re Dripping Egg staff are seriously looking forward to Spring. While we are celebrating the coming of Spring, we’re also commiserating the loss of some of the finer […]

Cosmo-topia! Schnitzelwirt—A Guide to Intense Schnitzel-Eating by Stephanie Rowe

August 30, 2011


I like to eat – I’m not going to lie. It is with great pride that I can say that there have been few dishes in my life that have defeated me. After recently spending time in Vienna I have unfortunately had to add another dish to my list, just below the extra large pizza […]

Mudfest 2011 (Two of a Kind): “24 Hour Musical” by Matilda Dixon-Smith

August 25, 2011


When I informed a colleague at work that I would spend my Sunday evening reviewing a 24 Hour Musical (a musical written, rehearsed and performed in 24 hours), she rather aptly pointed out “Well, at least it’ll be interesting”. Interesting, indeed, is exactly what it was. 24 Hour Musical was an appropriately ramshackle affair. The stage […]

Mudfest 2011 (Two of a Kind): “24 Hour Musical” by Bill Stephenson

August 25, 2011


24 Hour Musical immediately leapt out to me the moment I saw Melbourne University’s Mudfest program. Aside from my poorly hidden love for musical theatre, it intrigued me as something I know I could never do myself – write, direct and rehearse a musical, all in under 24 hours. From the start it promised to […]

Mudfest 2011: “The Happening” by Hilary Binks

August 22, 2011


What ‘happened’ last night… I can honestly say I had no idea what to expect from The Happening. The 60s graphic of orange-hippy flowers on the Mudfest website told me nothing. The accompanying description (or lack thereof) excited my curiosity; “Colour. Music. Improvisation. Paint. Bodies. Art. Movement. Chaos. Calmness. Kinesis.” Was the audience going to be improvising? […]

Mudfest 2011: “The Musical of Musicals: The Musical” by Matilda Dixon-Smith

August 20, 2011


I didn’t want to review a show on Friday evening. Instead, I’d been hoping to attend a friend’s “N”-themed house party. Lucky for me, I take my reviewing duties very seriously. As the first Mudfest 2011 show I’ve seen, The Musical of Musicals: The Musical certainly did not disappoint. In fact it entirely exceeded my […]

YDE Update: Mudfest 2011!

August 19, 2011


Mudfest 2011 is the biennial Arts festival which runs at the University of Melbourne for 10 days (18th – 28th August). You’re Dripping Egg has teamed up with the (unofficial) guide for Mudfest, Muddy Leaks to review some of the best events that the 2011 Mudfest program has to offer.  Our YDE: Mudfest 2011 staff […]