Staff Favourites 1(B): “Guilty Pleasure Movies”

Posted on October 1, 2011


In honour of all things ‘Spring’, the You’re Dripping Egg contributing staff are waxing lyrical about some of their favourite things.

Round 1: “Guilty Pleasure Movies”

Will’s Favourite Guilty Pleasure Movie: The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

Will Kay

I can’t decide if I like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants on its merits or because the “traveling pants” look like my mum’s favourite pair of jeans. I am going to say both (its aforementioned merits being the ability to tackle extremely difficult topics with a mixture of authenticity and fun). Traveling Pants is easy to criticise, but on the flip-side it is just as easy to like. So who do you wanna be, hot stuff?

“Sisterhood” personified, L-R: Alexis Bledel, America Ferrera, Amber Tamblyn and Blake Lively

Based on the book series by Anne Brashares, the film follows the stories of four best friends: Lena (Alexis Bledel, of Gilmore Girls and a host of bad movies fame) the shy artist, Carmen (America Ferrera, Real Women Have Curves, Ugly Betty) the bold, voluptuous writer, Tibby (Amber Tamblyn, who is apparently on House these days) the angsty filmmaker, and Bridget (Blake Lively, of every magazine cover in the news agency) the assertive athlete. You can tell it is going to be a good movie by the totally un-self-conscious first line, “I like to think that fate had a hand in what happened that summer.” The movie really unravels along those lines, where the “traveling pants” (which miraculously fit all four girls perfectly) go the movie follows and so too does good fortune. For Lena they bring, both her and the film, a Grecian romance. For Carmen they deliver a healthy realisation of the importance of forgiveness and of self-acceptance. For Bridget, they produce a wantonly induced grievance of her mother’s suicide. And for Tibby they introduce her to arguably the best and worst character in the movie, a Leukaemia sufferer Bailey who puts things into perspective with her indomitable spirit.

I think the reason I like this movie so much is that it is actually genuinely moving while maintaining a good selection of my bad/good movie favourites, which I will now list for posterity: a Stepford house with cracks, an ensemble structure, a séance (not strictly, but close enough), stressing the importance of faith, ridiculous coincidences, forbidden love, a curvy woman gesturing to her body saying “all of this”, female characters with “non-serious” job ambitions, a good rage and storm, Blake Lively pretending to sing a Spanish song, a hair flick as a seduction technique, live-saving as a method of introducing a romantic interest, an excessively emotionally-mature child, the Europe-Vespas thing, and, of course, a falling-in-love montage. The actresses don’t do a bad job either. So really it has everything you need, honesty and chick-flick integrity. Also the sequel is totally worth a look.

Hannah’s Favourite Guilty Pleasure Movie: Costa!

Sun, sea, true love between an awkward sixteen-year-old and a night-club-promoter… this is the kind of thing the Dutch film industry loves to foist upon its teenage audiences. Set in the good old days of 2001 (pre-9/11, pre-skinny jeans, and in my case pre-puberty), it also features a DANCE BATTLE. You heard it here first, guys. Step Up has nothing on this…

The movie poster for “Costa!”.

So, plot: Young Janet goes on a week-long holiday to the Costa del Sol (Marbella? Malaga? Who cares…) with her older sister and some of the older sister’s snobby friends. Draaaaaama. No one wants Janet along to spoil the fun! They leave her at home while they go out, but Janet gets into some shenanigans and meets promoter Rens, who is hella hot. (When we first meet him there are two girls in his bed, just like Brad Pitt at the start of Troy. So we know he must be hot.) Back home he’s a window-cleaner, but that doesn’t matter. Clearly.

For some inexplicable reason Rens takes an interest in Janet, and decides that she will be the perfect candidate to help him, and by extension his club, Costa, to win a dance battle against a rival club, Empire. Empire are the bad guys. They wear black, and at their club, people snort coke. So it is absolutely imperative, read, IMPERATIVE, that they lose the dance battle. Because this will achieve… something, we’re told. Definitely something.

They fall in lurve, duh. Actually, it’s the kind of movie where every character, no matter how insignificant, ends up with someone. In the final scene, this one guy actually turns to the girl standing next to him and kisses her. Without any previous interaction whatsoever. Because this is Espana, guyz, and what happens in Espana stays in…

Also featured in this movie: a car chase, a foam party, lots of teen drinking…

Very guilty, lots of pleasure.

Matilda’s Favourite Guilty Pleasure Movie: Sky High

When I’m a little down, I like to pretend that I’m the daughter of a superhero and that I get to my Superhero Academy School via flying yellow school bus (because the school is in the sky, duh). Lucky for me, I don’t have to imagine too hard, because there’s a film with this EXACT PLOT. Yes, it exists, and its name is Sky High. Friends, your minds are about to be collectively blown.

The “Sky High” kids: Who wouldn’t want this in their life?

Will Stronghold (Michael Angarano) is the son of famous superhero duo The Commander (Kurt Russell) and Jetstream (Kelly Preston). It’s Will’s first day of high school (at Sky High, the school for superhero offspring), but there’s one problem: Will doesn’t have any powers. I know, right? Disaster. Too afraid to tell his parents, Will fakes it at home (pretending to lift massive weights to feign super strength, you know, that kind of thing) but once he arrives at Sky High it becomes clear that ‘faking it’ only goes so far. On the first day, the freshman class is separated into two streams “Heroes” or “Sidekicks”. Will’s childhood bestie (who is, duh, secretly in love with him) Layla can manipulate plant life, but she refuses to use her powers against another person and is stuck in Sidekick. Will’s new mate Zach (Nicholas Braun), who can glow in the dark, is also assigned to the Sidekick brood, as is Will, who fails to show any powers at all in testing. DOUBLE DISASTER (things are just not going well for him!). To top it all off, Will has a ‘nemesis’ in brooding (and sexy) Warren Peace (LOL, name!) a fire-producing loner-hottie who is determined to make Will’s life hell.

Sky-hijinks ensue (HAH!). This movie is everything I could ever want in life: teenagers, love, battles, good and evil conveniently sign-posted (Gryffindor/Slytherin-style), super powers, dorky jokes, Disney channel cast-offs. It revels in its own daggy-ness to such an extreme that it becomes sort of retroactively cool. Much like Will Stronghold when (spoiler) he eventually discovers his powers, Sky High is, to me, unbeatable.

You’re Dripping Egg’s Staff Favourites series will be continuing throughout spring. For more information, click here. For other Guilty Pleasure Movie reviews, have a gander at Staff Favourites 1(A): “Guilty Pleasure Movies”

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