Staff Favourites 1(C): “Guilty Pleasure Movies”

Posted on October 14, 2011


In honour of all things “Spring”, the You’re Dripping Egg contributing staff are waxing lyrical about some of their favourite things. 

Round 1: "Guilty Pleasure Movies"

 Jake’s Favourite Guilty Pleasure Movie: Ghost 

Jake Robinson.

I don’t think I ever feel ‘guilty’ watching any film. I believe that if you enjoy watching something than why feel guilty. However there are some films I feel slightly hesitant in owning up to watching. Growing up with two sisters of the same age meant that I have certainly seen my share of romantic comedies/chic flicks/teen comedies/Spice Girl films; however of these there is one in particular I think is pretty amazing: Jerry Zucker’s Ghost.

'Beyond the Grave' sex in "Ghost"...clearly the hottest sex ever.

First off you’ve got the amazing chemistry between the leads Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. This is despite the fact that they share little screen time talking to each other (though they sure know how to do pottery). The plot revolves around Swayze’s character Sam, who is murdered in an apparent mugging. However, instead of ascending to heaven Sam chooses to stay on earth to haunt (or “protect”) his gf. He soon realises his death was no accident and that Demi’s life is in great peril.

Of course because Patrick Swayze is a ghost he is unable to tell Demi she’s in danger. For this he requires the help of the Whoopi Goldberg, a fraudster parading as a medium (who suddenly starts seeing real ghosts, thanks Swayze!). Goldberg is very funny and somehow won an Oscar for this role.
The plot twists and turns and is filled with betrayals, lust and some crazy homeless guy. Many horribly sad, melancholic and funny moments ensue and it climaxes in a beautifully touching goodbye, soundtracked by the Righteous Brothers “Unchained Melody”.

As far as cheesy romantic films can go, has there ever been as beautifully sad an ending as Ghost’s, which sent ‘Unchained Melody’ back to #1 all over the world 36 years after it was first released (including 7 straight weeks in Australia).

Get down with Pat and Demi.

Andrew “Drew” Michaelson’s Favourite Guilty Pleasure Movie: Ocean’s 12

Andrew "Drew" Michaelson.

I’m wary of applying the ‘guilty pleasure’ moniker to a movie like Ocean’s 12, as for one it implies that objectively, this is a bad movie, and that I as the viewer accept this assessment and yet I watch it anyway because I get some sort of wayward recalcitrant pleasure from it regardless. (Now watching Supernatural in the dark eating a box of Oreos, THAT’s a guilty pleasure).

If society judges Ocean’s 12 as ‘guilty’ of breaking the laws of cinematic excellence, I’m sorry but society is wrong, simple as that.

Pretty slick poster for "Ocean's 12".

With a (relatively) all-star cast of Hollywood’s most precocious scamps, Ocean’s 12 delivers 125 minutes of slick, witty, caper-filled entertainment. Three years after their last sojourn into the casino vaults of Las Vegas, George Clooney and the gang are back. Big bad Andy Garcia, who they stole all that money from in the first film, has tracked them down, and given them two weeks to pay him back, forcing them on a Contiki tour of Europe to steal enough stuff and come up with the chips.

Ocean’s 12 certainly comes off as a bit of a brain scratcher as, just like the first film, Ocean’s gang is not just fooling the authorities, but the audience too. While we’re teased with the overall scheme through the film, we never see the full picture until the plan comes to fruition. Ocean’s 12 took this one step further then 11, where in a twist of almost Schemelan proportions we discover that with a wink and a smile Clooney and co. have been playing us since the 20 minute mark.

Now, Ocean’s 12 cops a lot of flack for this. Whenever it comes up in conversation, it’s always “oh that one sucked”, “yeah, way to confusing, had no idea what was going on” “so boring lol.”

WELL, EXCUSE ME. I’m Sorry Steven Soderbergh overestimated your powers of comprehension and capacity to understand a little bit of subtlety. Did you need him to spell it out for you?

Ocean’s 12, The Audience’s Cut

Andy Garcia: *Lights cigar* You got 2 weeks *puff* to get my money…. with interest.

George Clooney: Sure you just don’t wanna go all “Indecent Proposal” with Julia and we’ll call it even? *wink/smile*

Andy Garcia:…

George Clooney: yeah alright.


George Clooney: Alright guys, we’re going to steal a highly valuable plot device, it’ll require a standard preparation montage, the small Chinese guy doing something cliché, one of us seducing Catherine Zeta-Jones, that’s probs gonna be you Brad.

Brad Pitt:*wink/smile*

George Clooney: and Don Cheadle talking like a 19th century Stratford dock worker.

Done Cheadle: Is a whopping toff bow-bell blimey in’t.

George Clooney: *wink/smile*

George Clooney: Well, that went exactly to plan, we’ve all gotten rich through lies, theft and fraud, but it’s ok because the people we steal from are kinda dicks.

Matt Damon: But George, I still haven’t hooked up with anyone yet! We might have to do another sequel!

George Clooney: *wink/smile*

Anyway, my point is, Oceans 12 isn’t a bad movie. Yes it is tough to get a total grip on, it took me a few re-watches to understand the scheme and how they pulled it off. But that’s why the film is so great, it’s a movie you can watch over and over again, and every time you’ll still pick up on a new detail or plot trick that you hadn’t noticed yet.

Ocean’s 12 is intricate and bewildering, that’s the point, you were supposed to be confused. You don’t look at a surrealist/dadaist Salvatore Dali piece and bitch that it’s too surreal and dadaist, or go to the Grand Prix and complain about the cars going too damn fast. You might not “get it” the first time, but come on, it’s still George Clooney, Brad Pitt with their pals and some gals having fun, hangin’ out and crackin’ wise. Why wouldn’t you want to watch that?

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