Staff Favourites 2: “‘You’re Dripping Egg’ Article”

Posted on December 18, 2011


In honour of You’re Dripping Egg’s first successful year of publication, the YDE contributing staff have nominated some of their favourite articles from 2010 and 2011: 

Hilary Binks and Caitlin Hamond: 

Joanna Ward on the Forbidden Fruit

Will Kay: 

Cosmo-topia! Paris by Hannah Warnaar

Lachy Larmour: 

“ElfYourself” 2011: A Review by Lachy Larmour

Hannah Crone: 

“I like the eggs, because they provide me with fashion inspiration for next season. In London, I am living in the past, literally and figuratively, so it is nice to have an eggsample for the future.”

(Hannah didn’t read the email properly and asked us to “edit around” that fact, but she did provide a nice quote on what she likes about YDE!)

Caitlin McGrane: 

Lecherous Arts: A Guide to Perving in Melbourne by Matilda Dixon-Smith

Site Stats’ Favourite Post:

(The article with the most hits of all-time on YDE)

A Review of Fleetwood Mac’s Importance to Popular Music by Jake Robinson

The One You Should Have Read: 

An Ode to ‘Fishy’, the Facebook Flash Game, as if Written by German Director Werner Herzog by Andrew Michaelson

Editors’ Favourite: 

(Jake wrote this article whilst inebriated, and it took three editors over 3 hours to proof-read it – including trying to decipher the 5 words that Jake had completely made up)

Suck It and See: Arctic Monkeys by Jake Robinson 

You’re Dripping Egg is proud to have been up and running for one whole year (since December 18 2010)! Help us celebrate by nominating your favourite YDE article in the comments below!