‘All I want for Christmas is you’ by Antonia Vann

Posted on December 24, 2011


We all know that Christmas is the season to be jolly. With pretty trees, a gross amount of food, sparkly tinsel, twinkling lights, and a fat happy man who gives one presents, most of us are more than happy to sing “Fa la la la la” until the cows come home.

Joe and Billy Mack: “Love Actually”.

Christmas is also all about love, which is why I’m writing this article (because I secretly want to make Matilda cringe while she reads this). Directors of rom-coms and musicals like Meet Me in Saint Louis, The Holiday, The Family Stone, Four Christmases, Just Friends, It’s a Wonderful Life, and While You Were Sleeping (just to name a few) can back me up on this one. At Christmas, love – really – is – all around.

Mark and Juliet: “Love Actually” 

The idea for this article came to mind when I re-watched Love Actually last night. As you all SHOULD know, the movie follows the love lives of eight different interrelated couples leading up to Christmas. Whether you say the ‘L word’ to your manager, your God, your prime minister, your parents, your siblings, your partner, your employer, your friends, or to a complete and utter stranger, Christmas really is the time to do it, “Because if you can’t say it at Christmas, when can you, eh?”

However corny it may be, I think the core of the message really does ring true. Christmas for most of us has become an indulgent commercialised holiday; a month-long shopping spree so that on the 25th of December you can give your loved ones pre-packaged impersonal gift sets, or a voucher to spend more money. Each Christmas becomes a contest about who can spend more and we forget what Christmas is really all about.

Simple Christmas fun – the Nativity Scene in “Mr Bean”. 

Back in the day, Christmas was all about the simple things: having a slap-up family dinner (while looking at the Christmas tree you had axed down yourself) followed by a family game sesh, darning socks by the fire (sorry Australians), opening a few gifts (often homemade) and then partaking in lame activities like watching your tone-deaf sibling or aunt perform Christmas carols by candlelight. Kids those days used to wish for their “two front teeth”. Today, kids spout words of hate when their parents buy them a Playstation 3 instead of an Xbox 360, slamming doors and screaming that they wish they had never been born. Where is the love people?! ( Wow. I totally just felt like a preacher man) But seriously.  Whether the holidays are a religious or secular occasion for you, there’s no doubt that it should be all about the love.


I think we’ve forgotten what Christmas stands for, and this year, I think we should all re-think what we really want to celebrate on the 25th. So here are some ideas:

1) Give your loved ones a hug and a kiss. Never underestimate the power of physical affection. Seriously, it will make their Christmas. Alternatively, a handmade card and a cuddle could end all of your purchasing woes.

2) Smile at strangers. I know this sounds lame, but a smile is free and yet it’s worth so much. Make everyone’s Christmas season a little bit brighter, without having to cover yourself in prickly tinsel that leaves a rash (not that I’ve tried…awkward).

3) Tell someone you love them, “ Because it’s Christmas, and at Christmas you tell the truth”. I don’t care who it is. It could be Mum, your boyfriend, the 7/11 man (who saves you from your midnight munchies), your dog, your teddy, it really doesn’t matter. Just say it. In the words of Billy Squier: “Christmas Is the time to say I love you. Share the joys of laughter and good cheer. Christmas is the time to say I love you and a feeling that will last all through the year”.

Joanna and Sam: “Love Actually – All I want for Christmas is You”.

So let your spirits grow lighter and your hopes shine brighter, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


“Love Actually”: You know you wish Liam Neeson was your dad (or that adorable kid was your son!)

Antonia Vann is You’re Dripping Egg’s sunniest, most christmassy-est contributor. To read more from her, why not try her review of Ile de la Reunion: Not for the faint-hearted.

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