“SYD 2030”: The Eastern Suburbs in 5 to 10 minutes by Mattie Mould

Posted on May 30, 2012


SYD2030 could easily have been pretentious, over-dramatised and predictably cliché but it isn’t. This web series created by Sydney locals and young talent of the eastern suburbs is funny, scandalous and is helping to pave the way for youth in Australian media.

The show follows five central characters who attend Sydney University, who are trying to get through law school, and through the trials of the twenty-something’s social life.

oxox, SYD2030.

SYD2030 is only 6 episodes in and has been described as Gossip Girl for the eastern suburbs of Sydney. So far we’ve got jealousy, intrigue, sex, booze, sports and excessive iPhone-ing involved. Each webisode is between 5 and 10 minutes plot development is quick, which makes for handy for viewing between tasks.

Despite the fact that I really wanted to like this show (wanting to support a former schoolmates talent), I found that the quality of the show overcame my bias. It is professionally filmed and edited and showcases some of the best sites that Sydney has to offer. Thankfully the whole thing isn’t filmed in bloody Vaucluse!

For me the best thing about this show is the creativity and ballsiness of those involved. It takes a lot to get something like this running. It is extremely encouraging to see people my age grabbing opportunities for themselves. In a time of internet-everything a webseries makes perfect sense, what better way to reach the “Facebook” generation than by hyping the show through social media, releasing teasers and then blowing everyone away on YouTube. If we’ve learnt anything from the past couple of months, it’s that letting things go viral is perhaps the best way of spreading the word (think KONY).

Of course there are a limited number of places that the plot can go if it keeps to the Gossip Girl theme, it may reach a point where we’ve seen it all before. However for those fellow Sydneysiders out there it’s just nice to see the places we haunt professionally lit and filmed.

It might not be your cup of tea to watch spoiled kids go through ‘tough times’, but watch it to support the arts in Australia, watch it to support the Facebook generation and watch it to kill ten minutes in procrastination breaks.

SYD2030 – It’s Sydney’s eastern suburbs in 5 to 10 minutes.

SYD2030 has just won an award at L.A. Festival for Best International Webseries. Take a look at the first episode and tell us what you think in the comments below. 

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