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“The Loneliest Planet”, or “LOUD VIOLINS… silence” by Caitlin McGrane

March 29, 2013


I read a very brief synopsis for The Loneliest Planet about a week before I saw it. I read stuff about a couple travelling, about ‘something’ happening to them, that this event changes them… and that Gael Garcia Bernal was in it. That last fact was what did it for me. I fell madly in […]

Jake Robinson: This Is It, The Return Of The Strokes

March 26, 2013


The turn of the millennium appeared to be a bleak landscape for guitar-orientated rock music. The previous decade may have seen the dramatic Nirvana-inspired rise of grunge, but just a few years later this movement appeared to peter out. The Britpop scene had fallen off a cliff with its main proponent, Oasis, falling further down a chemically-induced […]

Matilda Dixon-Smith: My Date with Louis Theroux

March 25, 2013


After weeks filming the owners, workers and clients of a legal brothel in Nevada, BBC’s Louis Theroux and his team are packing up and leaving. Louis says goodbye to the owners, Lance and Susan, and to a few of the girls. One of these partings, with bubbly escort Haley, seems genuinely mournful. Over the course […]

“Manhattan”, or “Circus Mirror Fun” by Caitlin McGrane

March 22, 2013


It is a sad truth almost universally acknowledged that writers are neurotic. From Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw to Girls’ Hannah Horvath to Manhattan’s Isaac Davis (Woody Allen). Isaac (Ike to his friends) is 42 and dating 17 year-old Tracy (Mariel Hemingway, granddaughter of Ernest). She’s kind, intelligent, sweet, and in High School. Isaac […]

Matilda Dixon-Smith: Overanalysing the Last Minutes of the “Girls” Finale

March 19, 2013


Girls might be the most polarising, talked-about television series in years. At You’re Dripping Egg we’ve written about the series twice already; and there’s no shortage of recaps, analyses and opinion pieces about Dunham, her show and her motives. A show that regularly attracts the kind of attention Girls does is in a unique and […]

Matilda Dixon-Smith on “Please Like Me”: Now we’re Cooking with Gas

March 18, 2013


There’s something intensely endearing about the opening scene of Josh Thomas’s new comedy on ABC2, Please Like Me. Twenty-year-old Josh is about to enjoy an extravagant sundae on a sunny afternoon with his girlfriend Claire (Caitlin Stasey), when she breaks up with him. Her reason is simple: they’ve been drifting, and also Josh is “probably […]

“Anna Karenina”, or “Joe Wright’s Obsession with Kiera Knightley Part III” by Caitlin McGrane

March 15, 2013


I’ll start this week with a quote: the Telegraph’s Tim Robey succinctly describes director Joe Wright’s styling of Anna Karenina as an “unashamed love of the proscenium. But did it need to be so arch?”  Am I the only one who is salivating over that? Okay, as you were… It’s shameful how little Tolstoy I’ve […]