Matilda Dixon-Smith: It’s Arrested Development

Posted on April 8, 2013


You have to be crazy not to love Arrested Development, television’s most subtle and nuanced comedy. It’s the little comedy that could; after a superb three-season run on Fox, the series was cancelled due to poor ratings, but years later, word of mouth, DVD sales and a hefty cult following urged Netflix to pick the series up for a fourth season. And the world rejoiced.

Now Michael Bluth and his family of wealthy miscreants are back (on May 26!!) and in honour of that, we’re going to catalogue some of the series’ best jokes. Arrested Development is famous for it’s intricate and long-running gags, here are some of our faves.


Sh*t Tobias Says 

The joke that Tobias says a lot of sexual (especially homosexual) innuendo without even realising it is one of the silliest and best-constructed in the show. The writers must have a tonne of fun coming up with these:

Shit Tobias Says

Shit Tobias Says 2

Bob Loblaw

I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

GOB’s catchphrase of sorts, the AD writers always find the perfect time to include it:


Steve Holt!

The cutest guy at Maeby and George Michael’s school (who also happens to be GOB’s son) has a unique way of announcing himself:


Lucille Hates GOB

Lucille (Jessica Walters: International Treasure), the Bluth matriarch, loves all her children equally…except for one:


“Look at Banner, Michael”

The Bluth family certainly has a…talent for banners. Here are some of the best ones:

Look at banner, Michael


Banner 2



The Star Wars Video 

Why doesn’t the Bluth family just get a new tape? They’re not even that expensive!


“No Touching!”

When George Bluth goes to prison, there’s just one rule:



“That’s why you don’t…”

George Sr. has a very effective way of teaching his children to “always leave a note”:

That's why you don't...


The Chicken Dance

Has anyone in the Bluth family even seen a chicken??


Buster’s Hand and the Loose Seal

In season 2, Buster goes swimming in the sea against his mother’s wishes, and a loose seal (geddit???) bites off his hand. The joke is probably the cleverest in the show, and is foreshadowed from right back in season one:


Gene Parmesan 

Gene Parmesan, master of disguise, is all the better for Lucille’s hilarious reaction to him:


Maritime Lawyer 

Michael’s desire to be a lawyer, inspired by a role in a school production of original play “The Trial of Captain Hook”, prompts him to construct maybe the best fake identity to impress a cute prosecutor: Chadwick Cutestory, Maritime Lawyer.


The Cornballer

I think everyone wants to try a snack from George Bluth’s over-heated invention, the Cornballer:


“The World’s First Analrapist!”

It’s not really the pronunciation that bothers us:



Oscar Father

It sure does take Buster a while to figure this one out:



ANN!! If there’s one person I hope makes it into Netflix’s season 4, it’s Ann. but only if she brings a Mayonegg.


Matilda Dixon-Smith is You’re Dripping Egg’s editor-in-chief and resident television fanatic. Her column, Fantasise or Perish, is released every Monday. 

These are just some of the best “Arrested Development” jokes; which are your favourites? Sound off in the comments!