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My Friend Bikram Yoga by Will Kay

March 20, 2013


I began Bikram yoga roughly six months ago, since then it has influenced my life in ways I would never have considered. I realise that the previous sentence sounds like the beginning of a gushy article about the benefits of Bikram, but this is more like the anatomy of a weird clingy friendship. So who […]

Kmart: The Shop that Tries to Please Everyone by Will Kay

February 6, 2013


Where can you find dry dog food next to men’s white leopard-print underwear? Why, Kmart, of course. Hence, it has been a source of confusion for me that Kmart even exists. Recently however I have come to understand the delightful consumerist power of Kmart. As someone very much entrenched in the internet and its niches […]

‘Competitioning’: An Existentialist’s Paradise? by Will Kay

October 6, 2012


Entering competitions obsessively (henceforth known as ‘competitioning’) is an enterprise known to few of Gen Y. You might say, “Rightly so, who is moronic enough to pit hope against logic.” I once have would too have said, “Rightly so.” Yet, I have recently fallen into the banal vortex of competitioning. Much like other disorienting activities, […]

“ElfYourself” 2011: A Review by Lachy Larmour

November 30, 2011


With the annual tirade of commercially-driven interests vying for our each and every holiday-intended dollar, it’s not hard to go numb and succumb to the pain that is the Christmas holiday season. Department stores, e-tailers, handymen, and even fast food companies all chase our attention and ask us to ask them to help us out […]

341 to 474: Lachy Larmour Reviews a Morning Bike Ride

October 12, 2011


From the outset, I won’t lie: since finishing uni, getting up at a normal time has been quite the challenge. So much so that each morning I ponder the possibility of quitting my job, just so I can have the extra hour’s sleep-in. I open my eyes, turn off the alarm on my iPhone and think to myself, […]

“Look at my peeeeeenis!”—Tacey Decides if Babysitting is for You

September 17, 2011


They emerge out of their bedroom in five-minute intervals after conspiring together new strategies to tear me away from my laptop. So far I’ve seen the tooth fairy, Batman, a mullet, a monster, a tooth fairy with a mullet, and a penis. 8:30 could not come soon enough. That sweet, sweet time in a babysitter’s […]

YDE Update: What Will You Miss About Winter?

August 31, 2011


Today is the last day of the freakiest Winter ever (at least in Melbourne). Freezing one day, sun beating down the next, with weather like this the You’re Dripping Egg staff are seriously looking forward to Spring. While we are celebrating the coming of Spring, we’re also commiserating the loss of some of the finer […]