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My Friend Bikram Yoga by Will Kay

March 20, 2013


I began Bikram yoga roughly six months ago, since then it has influenced my life in ways I would never have considered. I realise that the previous sentence sounds like the beginning of a gushy article about the benefits of Bikram, but this is more like the anatomy of a weird clingy friendship. So who […]

‘Competitioning’: An Existentialist’s Paradise? by Will Kay

October 6, 2012


Entering competitions obsessively (henceforth known as ‘competitioning’) is an enterprise known to few of Gen Y. You might say, “Rightly so, who is moronic enough to pit hope against logic.” I once have would too have said, “Rightly so.” Yet, I have recently fallen into the banal vortex of competitioning. Much like other disorienting activities, […]

Meat Loaf at the AFL Grand Final by Jake Robinson

October 3, 2011


While Meat Loaf’s performance as part (though in reality the whole) of the AFL Grand Final’s pre-match entertainment has been widely panned, my favourite was in The Age where Leaping Larry said that he sung in keys previously unknown to man. It is perhaps interesting to note what the AFL were buying when they signed […]