How to Contribute

Like what you see in these wit-strewn webpages? Feel like leaving an offering of your own? You’re Dripping Egg is always looking for new contributors with fresh, interesting opinions and perspectives.

We have a few criteria for contributions, but it’s all pretty straightforward:

1) The article must be a review. The review can be as abstract as a commentary on central heating, or as focused as a theatre review. We are looking for fresh, innovative ideas. It doesn’t have to be in a traditional “review” format, however it must bear some resemblance to a review piece.

2) We require the article to be between 150 – 800 words. Anything longer or shorter, you’ll have to fight for it. If you can’t bear to cut your work down, send it in un-edited and we’ll kill those babies for you.

3) We are looking for articles with a unique, real ‘voice’. We’re all about the voice at YDE, much like John Farnham. Don’t feel you have to write in a stuffy, affected journalistic style if that’s not what you’re into. We’d love your personality to shine through in your article.

That’s about it. We’ll add the photos/captions/categories/tags (unless you would like to dictate these elements, which is also fine!)

To contribute, contact us via email at, or via our Facebook page.

You don’t have to be a budding writer to contribute to You’re Dripping Egg – there are other ways you can help us besides submitting articles for publication:

You can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to the blog (by clicking “subscribe” in the top right-hand corner of the home page).

If you read something you like, or if you have a strong opinion about an article, you can respond to our staff by posting in comments, posting on the Letters to the Editors page, or by emailing the editors (or the contributing staff) at

If there’s something you’d like the YDE staff to review, you can send review requests via Facebook, Twitter or our email address (or just by posting on the site). You can even request that a particular staff member undertake your challenge.

Keep reading, writing and reviewing, and we look forward to receiving your wonderful submissions!

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