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“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” or “Flim, son of Flam, this is Biff, son of Boff” by Caitlin McGrane

January 24, 2013


I will preface this review with a couple of disclaimers: I have tonsillitis and there were a bunch of small children in the screening I went to, which means my mood may have been slightly skewed. The Hobbit has a special place in my heart. My dad read it to me as a child, in […]

Is “Pitch Perfect” better at being “Glee” than “Glee”? by Matilda Dixon-Smith

December 14, 2012


The short answer is “yes”. The long answer is that, while Pitch Perfect beats Glee handsomely at everything from the musical performances to the examination of friendship and self-acceptance, the film owes a great debt to the gargantuan TV karaoke franchise. A fact they acknowledge gratefully (while poking a bit of fun) throughout the film. […]

“Take This Waltz” or “Whaaaaaaaaaat the fuck?” by Caitlin McGrane

August 14, 2012


You guys, it’s been a pretty shitty week. I’m no longer travelling to Canada, I’m pretty sure I upset some really lovely people in the process, and I just want to dive under my duvet. Want to know what made it a whole lot more interesting (and by interesting I mean pretty fucking intense)? Take […]

Unpacking the Poster: A review of season one of ​”Girls” by Will Kay

August 3, 2012


It has become apparent to the Egg that two new blogging rules have been instated: 1) make a post about Games of Thrones and 2) make a post about Girls. Since the editors of the blog have unfortunately not seen enough of Game of Thrones to comment (mostly due to our obsession with hate-watching shows […]

“The Avengers”, or ‘This is a proper action movie. Plus CORR and PHWOARR, look at Jeremy Renner’s arms’ by Caitlin McGrane

June 11, 2012


For the last week or so there have been a series of Facebook status updates about how amazing The Avengers is, and how it is the “most amazingly epic” thing that anyone has ever seen. This kind of hype tends to go over my head; I’m not an action fan. Can you tell from my […]

“The Vampire Diaries”: Judge away, at least I’m happy by Matilda Dixon-Smith

March 15, 2012


Dear readers, I wish I could say “I survived the blood-sucking epidemic”; that the Vamp-Romp phenomenon failed to suck (LOL) me in. To say that would be lying—and I would never lie to you. I read the Twilight books, I indulged in two seasons of True Blood, I also rather enjoyed BBC’s excellent Being Human. It’s safe to say that […]

“Crazy, Stupid, Love”: Everyone Who Went To See This Did So Because of Ryan Gosling’s Abs by Matilda Dixon-Smith

October 18, 2011


Okay, gang, sit up and take note. To steal the words from Ryan Gosling’s beautiful, beautiful mouth, Crazy, Stupid, Love is a bit of a “game changer”. In a year characterised by the Something Borrowed*-style of romantic film-making (i.e. unromantic, unfunny and generally insulting), a romantic comedy die-hard like me is refreshed by a clever, simple […]