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“Breaking Dawn” is the most frightening film I’ve seen this year by Avril Good

November 28, 2011


I have a confession to make. I have read the Twilight series. That’s not the confession; I’ve heard enough people scathingly ridiculing the books in hip coffee shops on Brunswick Street to know that it’s okay to have read the first chapter or so. No, my confession is that I read the Twilight series, and […]

Quest for the Worst Movie Ever Made: Part 2 (This Time, It’s Biblical!) by Matilda Dixon-Smith

November 21, 2011


Ever wondered what melding pornography and romantic-comedies would look like? No need to wonder anymore, readers, such a film exists for your viewing pleasure. I’ve seen bad movies before, in fact, I’ve seen so many I’m compiling a list. Apparently I never knew what a “bad movie” was until I saw My First Wedding. I […]

A Comment on Leash-Babies by Mattie Mould

June 29, 2011


We’ve all seen them. We’ve watched as a child has walked/run/stomped past us in shopping centre/street/park with a leash strapped to their back, as a smug looking parent follows behind them, holding on tight. How is this acceptable? Putting aside the fact that it looks like you are walking your child (and people are thinking […]

Newstainment…Awkward. A Review by Andy Lynch

June 22, 2011


If you watch Channel 9 between 5:30 and 9AM each weekday, you will know that the world’s happiest holy leader now has a new notch to add to his golden sash: ‘Awkward Turtle’. Well, ‘awkward and funny’ is how the Today show chose to play out the bomb of a joke unleashed on His Holiness […]

“Stockholm Syndrome: A Tale of Intense Boredom Resulting in Love-Delusion” or “Beastly” by Matilda Dixon-Smith

June 2, 2011


Beastly is desperately unaware that anyone in the Western world has ever read a fairytale. This is unfortunate. I feel that if someone had just sat down with the writing/production team and calmly explained “Everyone’s heard the story of Beauty and the Beast. We’ve all seen the dancing plates and the French candlesticks, so just […]

“Something Borrowed” by Matilda Dixon-Smith

May 7, 2011


DISCLAMER: This review is not kind. Apologies, yo. I can’t even be bothered thinking of a ‘witty’ subtitle to accompany the above. This movie destroyed my soul. Let’s just jump right in, shall we? Come on over and meet Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin), sad lawyer from New York. It’s Rachel’s 30th birthday and her Bestie-Fo’-Life Darcy […]

Classics: “The Wedding Planner” or “The Movie Y’all Never Should’ve Seen” by Matilda Dixon-Smith AND Will Kay

April 29, 2011


Seriously yo, I have the worst taste in movies sometimes. I’ve always had this desire to see J.Lo bustin’ out some boot-ay in The Wedding Planner. Tonight, Will allowed to me indulge. We plucked it off the shelf at the video shop and, with a nudge from some Bowler’s Run shiraz, got some Wedding Planner […]