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Will Kay: The Breezy “Great British Sewing Bee”

April 10, 2013


The Great British Sewing Bee is most certainly both great and very British. It takes a little of the self-deprecating British humour and combines it with the archness of British critiques to produce what is a light and entertaining TV program. The Sewing Bee is a competition based reality TV where home-sewers from all around […]

Matilda Dixon-Smith: My Date with Louis Theroux

March 25, 2013


After weeks filming the owners, workers and clients of a legal brothel in Nevada, BBC’s Louis Theroux and his team are packing up and leaving. Louis says goodbye to the owners, Lance and Susan, and to a few of the girls. One of these partings, with bubbly escort Haley, seems genuinely mournful. Over the course […]

“Sherlock”: I <3 Benedict Cumberbatch by Matilda Dixon-Smith

February 13, 2012


Sherlock is one of the latest of these appropriation experiments. Leave it to the BBC to take every piece of cherished literature and tart it up for the techno-savvy masses (forever scrambling to remain relevant). Thankfully, Sherlock is the complete opposite of a disaster, which one might infer it to be considering the rather dated […]

“The Inbetweeners Movie”, or “Bloody-Hilarious-Not-Skins” by Caitlin McGrane

December 12, 2011


I have long been a fan of Will (Simon Bird), Simon (Joe Thomas), Neil (Blake Harrison) and Jay (James Buckley). Ever since my old chums in Blighty started raving about them, and their mental Sixth Form head teacher (the unnaturally wonderful Greg Davies), I have been a devoted fan. Some say it’s like Skins. I […]

‘Wot—the fock—is bronch?’: The Return of “Misfits” by Matilda Dixon-Smith

November 11, 2011


This past summer I became very attached to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For weeks we couldn’t get enough of Buffy’s ass-kicking punchlines, the hilarious cut-away moments, and Spike singing in a graveyard. It was a beautiful time. While we were deep in Buffy-mania [fellow editor] Will Kay, who was not a fan, could often be found—headphones […]

An Anthropological Perspective on “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” by Paul Burgess

October 10, 2011


My Big Fat Gypsy Weddings; a guilty pleasure for many of us, an anthropological Eden for myself. If you are not familiar with these documentaries, they come to Australia and the Americas courtesy of Britain’s Channel 4. They follow various aspects of life of the travelling, or gypsy, community in Britain. The most extravagant of […]