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Matilda Dixon-Smith: It’s Arrested Development

April 8, 2013


You have to be crazy not to love Arrested Development, television’s most subtle and nuanced comedy. It’s the little comedy that could; after a superb three-season run on Fox, the series was cancelled due to poor ratings, but years later, word of mouth, DVD sales and a hefty cult following urged Netflix to pick the series […]

Matilda Dixon-Smith on “Please Like Me”: Now we’re Cooking with Gas

March 18, 2013


There’s something intensely endearing about the opening scene of Josh Thomas’s new comedy on ABC2, Please Like Me. Twenty-year-old Josh is about to enjoy an extravagant sundae on a sunny afternoon with his girlfriend Claire (Caitlin Stasey), when she breaks up with him. Her reason is simple: they’ve been drifting, and also Josh is “probably […]

Matilda Dixon-Smith: The Problem with “The Mindy Project”

February 4, 2013


I wanted to wait as long as possible before I spoke for or against Mindy Kaling’s new Fox sitcom, the uncreatively titled The Mindy Project. Last year, I wrote a glowing review of Fox’s exciting comedy prospect, New Girl, based on its excellent pilot. Then the show had an uneven run for the first half […]

“Attack the Block”, or “Innit Blud” by Caitlin McGrane

March 27, 2012


I’m not a fan of monster films, finding them mostly unbelievably boring and predictable (two things I cannot abide). However, when my dad rang from the streets of Bogota in Columbia, I was not expecting him to suggest we go and see Attack the Block as a family when he returned home. The major draw: […]

‘It’s a great Tonight Show for America everybody … yes it is!’ by Braam Smith

February 24, 2012


In my previous article “MasterChef or Wheel of Fortune?”, I suggested that I had won six hours of my week back by no longer humouring the big red ‘m’. Alas I must now concede that I was already five hours in debt, thanks to the outcome of some procrastinatory channel-surfing at or around the 10:30 mark […]

‘Wot—the fock—is bronch?’: The Return of “Misfits” by Matilda Dixon-Smith

November 11, 2011


This past summer I became very attached to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For weeks we couldn’t get enough of Buffy’s ass-kicking punchlines, the hilarious cut-away moments, and Spike singing in a graveyard. It was a beautiful time. While we were deep in Buffy-mania [fellow editor] Will Kay, who was not a fan, could often be found—headphones […]

“Bad Teacher”: Trying Too Hard Gets You Nowhere in Life by Matilda Dixon-Smith

July 26, 2011


It kind of sucks for Bad Teacher that Bridesmaids preceded its release by only a couple of weekends. Not only did Bridesmaids totally steal Bad Teacher’s “Y’all, women ain’t just crying baby-machines!!” controvers-iosity, the former also commands a far greater understanding and execution of comedy. Had Bad Teacher been released before Bridesmaids, I probably would’ve found it a tonne more enjoyable. As it is, the film is […]