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2012 Golden Globes Virtual Experience by Matilda Dixon-Smith

January 16, 2012


Here we are, back again for another Awards Night Virtual Experience. This time, it’s the 69th Annual Golden Globes. Ah, the Globes, a poor man’s Academy Awards. I’ll let you in on a little secret, the Globes, maybe my fave. More relaxed than the Oscars (and thus, infinitely less dull), but without the tackiness of […]

‘All I want for Christmas is you’ by Antonia Vann

December 24, 2011


We all know that Christmas is the season to be jolly. With pretty trees, a gross amount of food, sparkly tinsel, twinkling lights, and a fat happy man who gives one presents, most of us are more than happy to sing “Fa la la la la” until the cows come home. Christmas is also all […]

Meat Loaf at the AFL Grand Final by Jake Robinson

October 3, 2011


While Meat Loaf’s performance as part (though in reality the whole) of the AFL Grand Final’s pre-match entertainment has been widely panned, my favourite was in The Age where Leaping Larry said that he sung in keys previously unknown to man. It is perhaps interesting to note what the AFL were buying when they signed […]

The 2011 Primetime Emmys Virtual Experience by Matilda Dixon-Smith

September 19, 2011


People, I do all of this for you. I had to endure the unbelievably irritating “Emmys Backstage Live!” in order to have what could be considered a FULL Emmys Virtual Experience. Can I tell you, there’s a reason why some people don’t get good jobs, and instead they get the job of being locked in […]

Mudfest 2011: “The Happening” by Hilary Binks

August 22, 2011


What ‘happened’ last night… I can honestly say I had no idea what to expect from The Happening. The 60s graphic of orange-hippy flowers on the Mudfest website told me nothing. The accompanying description (or lack thereof) excited my curiosity; “Colour. Music. Improvisation. Paint. Bodies. Art. Movement. Chaos. Calmness. Kinesis.” Was the audience going to be improvising? […]

Mudfest 2011: “The Musical of Musicals: The Musical” by Matilda Dixon-Smith

August 20, 2011


I didn’t want to review a show on Friday evening. Instead, I’d been hoping to attend a friend’s “N”-themed house party. Lucky for me, I take my reviewing duties very seriously. As the first Mudfest 2011 show I’ve seen, The Musical of Musicals: The Musical certainly did not disappoint. In fact it entirely exceeded my […]

Christmas – a review in one parts by Tom Carmody

January 3, 2011


With much shopping and endless frivolity we have entered the curious time of year between Christmas and the New Year, and there arrives a brief respite from fake smiling for reflection. Christmas is without doubt stressful – rather than offering a time to relax and rest, modern western culture has instead provided the highest of […]