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Matilda Dixon-Smith: Overanalysing the Last Minutes of the “Girls” Finale

March 19, 2013


Girls might be the most polarising, talked-about television series in years. At You’re Dripping Egg we’ve written about the series twice already; and there’s no shortage of recaps, analyses and opinion pieces about Dunham, her show and her motives. A show that regularly attracts the kind of attention Girls does is in a unique and […]

Matilda Dixon-Smith: (Just Some Of) The Absolute Worst Characters on TV

March 11, 2013


Every story has its heroes and villains. Likewise, the TV world has its champions and its failures; there are the characters we root for unconditionally, and those who produce unadulterated hatred with every appearance. Sometimes, even to utter such a character’s name is to produce convulsions of loathing in a viewer who remembers the last […]

Matilda Dixon-Smith: 5 Shows You’ve Been Put Off Watching…And Why You Should Just Watch Them Anyway

March 4, 2013


Smash The Deal: A fictional series about the making of a Broadway musical (based on the life of Marilyn Monroe), boasting a meaty ensemble cast which includes Debra Messing, Katherine McPhee, Megan Hilty and Anjelica Huston. Smash struggled through a patchy first season—although it enjoyed surprisingly good ratings—and some serious interpersonal issues. Now it’s back for season […]

Unpacking the Poster: A review of season one of ​”Girls” by Will Kay

August 3, 2012


It has become apparent to the Egg that two new blogging rules have been instated: 1) make a post about Games of Thrones and 2) make a post about Girls. Since the editors of the blog have unfortunately not seen enough of Game of Thrones to comment (mostly due to our obsession with hate-watching shows […]

St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2012 by Jake Robinson

February 17, 2012


Like the very genesis of human life, the St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival in Melbourne crawled out from the primordial laneway and evolved in the relative comfort of the Maribyrnong-side Footscray Arts Centre. While this move was forced by the destruction of its local habitat, St. Caledonian Lane, it has facilitated the remarkable growth of the […]

Jake Robinson’s 50 Best Songs of 2011 (10 – 1)

January 1, 2012


You’re Dripping Egg’s music writer Jake Robinson likes music. He also likes making lists. Lucky for his readers, he’s combined both these talents to count down his top 50 songs of 2011, in three instalments, in time for 2012. Here it is, Jake’s top 10 ‘Best Songs of 2011’, for your listening pleasure. Happy New Year, folks! […]