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CASUM’s “Amadeus”: Mozart The Musical by Joseph Misuraca

May 3, 2013


The Classical Arts Society at the University of Melbourne (CASUM) put on a fantastic modern production of Peter Shaffer’s acclaimed 1979 play. Jess Keeffe and Matt Westwood have written songs which incorporate string quartets and splices of Mozart’s original and memorable compositions, such as his Mass Requiem. What’s interesting about these pieces is the inclusion of text […]

“Skyfall” Review: Bond Strikes Back by Joseph Misuraca

December 27, 2012


Sam Mendes’ Skyfall is the best James Bond film to date. It harks back to the 007 fans adored. He’s debonair, he’s a womaniser, he’s pulling off impossible feats of stamina and strength, he’s drinking his martinis (shaken not stirred), he’s using ingenious gadgetry and he has a license to thrill die-hard viewers. The British […]

Allen’s Magical “Midnight in Paris” by Joseph Misuraca

November 22, 2012


I confess that I hadn’t ever seen a Woody Allen film before I viewed his successful 2011 comedy, Midnight in Paris. I was blown away by the ingenious script and brilliant directing. Lovers of Paris will savour every moment of the film’s opening, where Allen introduces the main sights of the romantic city: the Eiffel […]

“Biutiful” is Inarritu’s Beautiful Elegy by Joseph Misuraca

April 23, 2012


Alejandro González Iñárritu’s 2010 film Biutiful is one of the most moving and captivating films you will ever see. I may be biased reviewing this Mexican director’s fourth feature film because I adore his previous works, his ‘Death Trilogy’ which is comprised of Amores Perros (2000), 21 Grams (2003) and Babel (2006). He is, I […]

The Enchanting Allure of “The Lovely Bones” by Joseph Misuraca

March 6, 2012


I put down Alice Sebold’s 2002 debut novel, The Lovely Bones and was left wondering why this was such a magical read. I had viewed Peter Jackson’s 2009 movie adaptation and thought the critics’ comments were harsh. This is an underrated film and it is simply marvellous. I have been pondering the age-old question: what […]

“Never Let Me Go” is a Poetic Film Full of Pathos by Joseph Misuraca

January 21, 2012


Never Let Me Go was one of the best films to be released in 2011. I highly recommend everyone to rent or purchase this gem. Mark Romanek’s directing is superb and the cinematography by Adam Kimmel is stunning. Alex Garland’s script, adapted from the eponymous novel by Japanese-English writer, Kazuo Ishiguro, is beautiful and memorable. Carey […]