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“12 Years a Slave”, or “Tears, All the Tears” By Caitlin McGrane

February 10, 2014


Writing this is the second thing that I have done since returning home from seeing 12 Years a Slave. The first was to make an enormous G&T with the flat tonic water. Desperate times, readers, desperate times. First of all, fuck you Quentin “I’m shutting your butt down” Tarantino, this is how you talk about […]

“A Dangerous Method” by Caitlin McGrane

July 19, 2012


I’ve seen this film twice already. I know, I know, I should get out more. But the fact is that Michael Fassbender is too much of a draw-card for me to pass up. So I’ll be upfront and say it: I was not enthralled by this film. However, I cannot communicate enough to you how […]

The Power of “Shame” by Will Kay

February 20, 2012


The hype surrounding Shame was deafening, at least for me, so I went to see it for some peace and quiet. Oh… silly me. I left with a most garrulous and disquieted mind. All the accolades accruing weren’t the only forces that drew me; the confluence of Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan, currently my two favourite […]

“Jane Eyre” by Caitlin McGrane

October 7, 2011


Last weekend, I decided to get my spinster on and go to the movies by myself. There’s nothing quite like sitting in a dark room full of strangers watching a film, knowing you can lose yourself in it (and a bag of malteasers) without being interrupted by a companion (N.B.: for my opinions on Cinema […]

“X-Men: First Class—Michael Fassbender Tears It Up” by Matilda Dixon-Smith

June 11, 2011


I’m almost scared to say it, lest I lose my Callous Lady-Tongue street cred. Oh heck, I’m just going to speak my mind on this one: I AM SATISFIED WITH THE OUTCOME OF THIS VENTURE. When I discovered many months ago that they were rebooting the X-Men franchise (a comic-book series I have a long-standing […]