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Matilda Dixon-Smith: R.I.P. “Smash”, You Divine Hot Mess

May 21, 2013


There are just a few of us out there who understand the deep, resounding sorrow that accompanied the announcement that Smash, NBC’s troubled Broadway TV show, would not return for a third season. Considering the ratings for Smash’s second season—which were utterly dismal and prompted a move to the dead slot on Saturday nights, and then the […]

Matilda Dixon-Smith: “The Voice” and Our Collective Fascination with Spinning Red Chairs

May 14, 2013


Let’s talk about Ricky Martin, his flawless skin and his flamboyant button pressing. The world’s premier reality TV machine, The Voice, is back on Australian screens. True to form, the ruthlessly intelligent program has tightened the reins since last year’s successful outing—this year the show is even more prescriptively, unconsciously, robotically enjoyable than the last. […]

Jake Robinson: The Empire Strikes Back! Empire of the Sun Is “Alive”

May 1, 2013


Empire of the Sun’s new single “Alive” debut on the radio earlier recently, which stirred many thoughts and emotions for my good self. Early on the release day, I had heard the announcement of its incumbent premiere on triple J and diligently spent my afternoon glued to the radio. The anticipation of a music premiere […]

[Updated] !!WIN!! One double pass to CASUM’s “Amadeus” by Peter Shaffer

April 23, 2013


You’re Dripping Egg, in association with CASM, is giving away one FREE double pass to see CASM’s upcoming production of Amadeus by Peter Shaffer. You and a friend could be watching CASM’s Amadeus at its preview performance on Tuesday 30th April @ 7pm (at the Union Theatre in the University of Melbourne). To win, just […]

Jake Robinson: What Makes An Australian Sound?

April 17, 2013


There is a difference between a artist who originates from Australia and one who makes Australian music. This difference could be seen through the simplistic lens of popularity. Silverchair and Powderfinger were two of the most popular and successful bands in Australia, yet they struggled to gain any real popularity overseas. It could be argued that […]

Jake Robinson: This Is It, The Return Of The Strokes

March 26, 2013


The turn of the millennium appeared to be a bleak landscape for guitar-orientated rock music. The previous decade may have seen the dramatic Nirvana-inspired rise of grunge, but just a few years later this movement appeared to peter out. The Britpop scene had fallen off a cliff with its main proponent, Oasis, falling further down a chemically-induced […]

‘Pablo Honey’: The Beginnings of Radiohead’s Metamorphosis by Jake Robinson

March 13, 2013


The 22nd of February marked the 20th anniversary of Radiohead’s debut album, Pablo Honey. Released on the coattails of the breakout angst-ridden hit ‘Creep’, Pablo Honey was initially well received, further singles ‘Anyone Can Play Guitar’ and ‘Stop Whispering’ put the album on the path to platinum status. The album fleshed out with tracks such […]