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341 to 474: Lachy Larmour Reviews a Morning Bike Ride

October 12, 2011


From the outset, I won’t lie: since finishing uni, getting up at a normal time has been quite the challenge. So much so that each morning I ponder the possibility of quitting my job, just so I can have the extra hour’s sleep-in. I open my eyes, turn off the alarm on my iPhone and think to myself, […]

“Look at my peeeeeenis!”—Tacey Decides if Babysitting is for You

September 17, 2011


They emerge out of their bedroom in five-minute intervals after conspiring together new strategies to tear me away from my laptop. So far I’ve seen the tooth fairy, Batman, a mullet, a monster, a tooth fairy with a mullet, and a penis. 8:30 could not come soon enough. That sweet, sweet time in a babysitter’s […]

A Review of My Driving Lesson by Elle Adamson

January 5, 2011


At present, I have no licence. Yes, I have tried. In typical fashion, I left the handbrake on in my first test. Three streets and a U-turn later, I found myself back at Vicroads with a FAIL stamped across my examination sheet. That was two years ago. To be honest living in the middle of […]