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Matilda Dixon-Smith: Is MTV Secretly The Home of Badass Television?

February 18, 2013


I’m as surprised as you are that MTV is producing quality scripted television. Look, I get it; it’s hard to believe. Let’s just do this thing where we close our eyes and pretend that the US Skins never happened, that no one tried to remake The Inbetweeners, that Jersey Shore doesn’t exist.  If you can forget […]

Matilda Dixon-Smith on “The Carrie Diaries”: Before the Sex…and the City

February 11, 2013


How much more can we milk this Single New York Gal thing? After Candace Bushnell’s column in the New York Observer was turned into a book, it was turned into a successful HBO TV series and then into two lucrative films. And now, here comes another: the prequel to that Sex and the City phenomenon , The […]

“Bachelorette”, or “Spoiler Alert: Apparently Women Can’t Be Assholes” by Matilda Dixon-Smith

September 10, 2012


Critical debate about whether Leslye Headland’s caustic film Bachelorette is any good saturates arts and entertainment media right now. Between me and fellow editor Will Kay we’ve watched the movie six times. Obviously, we’re in the camp of “Yeah, this film is fucking awesome. Get a life, haters.” And here’s why: Headland paints a gloomy […]

“The Inbetweeners Movie”, or “Bloody-Hilarious-Not-Skins” by Caitlin McGrane

December 12, 2011


I have long been a fan of Will (Simon Bird), Simon (Joe Thomas), Neil (Blake Harrison) and Jay (James Buckley). Ever since my old chums in Blighty started raving about them, and their mental Sixth Form head teacher (the unnaturally wonderful Greg Davies), I have been a devoted fan. Some say it’s like Skins. I […]

“Breaking Dawn” is the most frightening film I’ve seen this year by Avril Good

November 28, 2011


I have a confession to make. I have read the Twilight series. That’s not the confession; I’ve heard enough people scathingly ridiculing the books in hip coffee shops on Brunswick Street to know that it’s okay to have read the first chapter or so. No, my confession is that I read the Twilight series, and […]

Quest for the Worst Movie Ever Made: Part 2 (This Time, It’s Biblical!) by Matilda Dixon-Smith

November 21, 2011


Ever wondered what melding pornography and romantic-comedies would look like? No need to wonder anymore, readers, such a film exists for your viewing pleasure. I’ve seen bad movies before, in fact, I’ve seen so many I’m compiling a list. Apparently I never knew what a “bad movie” was until I saw My First Wedding. I […]

“But, I’m so confused. Women aren’t funny, right?” or “Bridesmaids” by Matilda Dixon-Smith

July 3, 2011


Someone in the publicity department at Apatow Productions is going to get so fired. They had the nerve to think that marketing Bridesmaids as “totally The Hangover for chicks” was a good idea. This, coupled with the poster campaign (see below) achieved a polarising—but overly negative—effect amongst their audience. Half the world was all “Ugh, […]