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Matilda Dixon-Smith: Is MTV Secretly The Home of Badass Television?

February 18, 2013


I’m as surprised as you are that MTV is producing quality scripted television. Look, I get it; it’s hard to believe. Let’s just do this thing where we close our eyes and pretend that the US Skins never happened, that no one tried to remake The Inbetweeners, that Jersey Shore doesn’t exist.  If you can forget […]

“Breaking Dawn” is the most frightening film I’ve seen this year by Avril Good

November 28, 2011


I have a confession to make. I have read the Twilight series. That’s not the confession; I’ve heard enough people scathingly ridiculing the books in hip coffee shops on Brunswick Street to know that it’s okay to have read the first chapter or so. No, my confession is that I read the Twilight series, and […]

“Crazy, Stupid, Love”: Everyone Who Went To See This Did So Because of Ryan Gosling’s Abs by Matilda Dixon-Smith

October 18, 2011


Okay, gang, sit up and take note. To steal the words from Ryan Gosling’s beautiful, beautiful mouth, Crazy, Stupid, Love is a bit of a “game changer”. In a year characterised by the Something Borrowed*-style of romantic film-making (i.e. unromantic, unfunny and generally insulting), a romantic comedy die-hard like me is refreshed by a clever, simple […]

Texas Fo’ever—“Friday Night Lights” by Matilda Dixon-Smith

September 13, 2011


Believe me folks; it’s as much of a surprise to me as it may be to you that I’m writing about a sports-related television drama. I hate sports on TV. Watching the Ravens play basketball was the most boring part of One Tree Hill (even if it meant that we sometimes saw Chad Michael Murray […]

“Love & Other Drugs” or “Treachery, Thy Name Is Jake Gyllenhaal” by Matilda Dixon-Smith

February 10, 2011


Ooh, they are good. They’re crafty, these movie-making types. Edward Zwick, how DARE you put Jake Gyllenhaal, frequently naked, in your film! Where do you get off giving Anne Hathaway Parkinson’s Disease? I am outraged – outraged because I just couldn’t resist the manufactured charm of Love & Other Drugs. I feel sick, and a […]

On DVD: “Step Up 3(D)” or “Shirtless Men: A Love Story” by Matilda Dixon-Smith

January 3, 2011


I love a barely-concealed Australian accent. You can’t fool me Sharni Vinson of Home and Away fame, you PRETENDER. You are not “from New York but grew up in London”! You are from SUMMER BAY and when you went to Summer Bay High you wore too much fake tan. So apparently “dance battles” are a […]