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‘Competitioning’: An Existentialist’s Paradise? by Will Kay

October 6, 2012


Entering competitions obsessively (henceforth known as ‘competitioning’) is an enterprise known to few of Gen Y. You might say, “Rightly so, who is moronic enough to pit hope against logic.” I once have would too have said, “Rightly so.” Yet, I have recently fallen into the banal vortex of competitioning. Much like other disorienting activities, […]

The 2011 Primetime Emmys Virtual Experience by Matilda Dixon-Smith

September 19, 2011


People, I do all of this for you. I had to endure the unbelievably irritating “Emmys Backstage Live!” in order to have what could be considered a FULL Emmys Virtual Experience. Can I tell you, there’s a reason why some people don’t get good jobs, and instead they get the job of being locked in […]

Fashion and the Net: Passion-palooza by Caitlin Hamond

April 18, 2011


In a world where the witty and charismatic dominate, being lost for words is something I frequently struggle with. Actually I’ve lied already – I’m rarely lost for words. I love to talk. More so, I’m lost for lengthy and complex words that would score well in ‘Words With Friends’, or impress your boyfriend’s parents. […]

The Golden Globes Virtual Experience by Matilda Dixon-Smith

January 17, 2011


*** Note: for the benefit of getting the full “virtual” experience, we have overloaded this post with links, pictures and video Awards nights are one of my favourite things. Today was the 68th Annual Golden Globes (or Sunday night, American time). Since we have no television at our house, I had to make do with […]

Review of ‘You’re Dripping Egg’ by GOB Rookner

December 18, 2010


I was recently informed by a few friends that I was one of the select few they wished to invite to post in their blog. There is literally no way I could have been more interested in doing so, so I immediately spranged into action and put on my punctuation and spelling hat on for […]