YDE at Mudfest 2011

Mudfest is a biennial student arts festival at the University of Melbourne. The festival has grown (over the past 21 years) to become the largest student arts festival in Australia. Mudfest 2011 will run from 18th – 28th August.

In 2011, the festival will feature 500 student artists and guests Allison Croggon, Andrew McLelland, Declan Greene and Lally Katz. The festival is packed with 10 days of fabulous student shows and events.

You’re Dripping Egg has collected together a special team of YDE: Mudfest 2011 staff who will be reiveiwng some of the festival’s best and most intriguing events, in association with Mudfest’s (unofficial) web guide, Muddy Leaks. You can read the YDE articles on the site, and at Muddy Leaks (where you can also read other reviews, interviews and web posts about the Mudfest events!)

Join Bill Stephenson, Hilary Binks, Sophie Parr and Matilda Dixon-Smith as they get muddy (and eggy ! ) at Mudfest 2011!

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