A Quick Virtual Tour of the 2013 SAG Awards

Posted on January 28, 2013


This is the first time we’ve covered the SAG Awards because, I’m going to be honest, I don’t totally understand why they are necessary. Did someone think “Gosh, screen actors just don’t get enough credit these days.”? Is that why the SAGs happen??

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter. We may not understand them, but we LOVE the SAGs. It’s just a great excuse for actors you never see any more to sneak onto a red carpet, and that’s always fun. I mean, Alexis Bledel was photographed at this shindig. When was the last time we saw Alexis Bledel in anything? Post Grad?

Let’s do the 2013 SAG Awards together, y’all.

I’m going to start right here, with the most important to happen on a red carpet:

Eddie Redmayne in BROWN VELVET.

Okay, this is serious. My boyfriend Eddie Redmayne is in brown velvet. BROWN VELVET. Not only is he gorgeous, he also enjoys adventurous menswear. Swoon.

Michelle Dockery in Chado Ralph Rucci.

Let’s discuss Michelle Dockery’s side boob. I think it’s perfect. Lady Mary WOULD side boob in an elegant black gown. With the swoopy hair and the flawless skin (which, okay, is genetics), she is stunning.

Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior.

Yes, I hate this.

First off, who styled your hair and make up, J-Law? Because they ruined it. The lip…wrong?  The hair looks lank; the side-swept thing is so hard to pull off, I just wouldn’t do it in a dress this plain.

And the DRESS. God, it’s just boring, you know? I don’t understand it. The wraparound-draping thing makes it look like the losing gown in one of those twelve-hour “make your bed sheets into couture that represents you” challenges they have on Project Runway. We’ll just blame it on the flu again.

**N.B. This is a better photo of the look. Maybe it’s not all that bad. You decide.

Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen.

Chastain is killing it in this Alexander McQueen. Just like that, gone is the comb-over hair and boob-curtain dress from the Globes. I wish the dress was a little looser in the tummy (being able to see bellybutton is spooky), but, overall, this is rockin’.


Look at Alec Baldwin’s hair. You have to look at it.

Elisabeth Moss in Dolce & Gabbana.

This is just so great. I mean, the shoes are boring, but I think it’s okay because that skirt needs to SHINE. (Geddit? “shine”?) She also has a totally fabulous clutch.

Sally Field in whatever.

I mean, fine? I guess? She would fit in well at a fairy-themed party held at some kooky forest cottage; one with tiny, picturesque bridges and statues of gnomes hugging in the rose garden.

Let’s just stop for a minute and talk about how amazing it is that these two people presented an award together: 


Speaking of which:

Amy Poehler in Zuhair Murad.

Killing. It. What a hot babe.

So there were a bunch of, like, ridiculously voluminous dresses. Some of them were FABULOUS, and some of them were super disgusting. Let’s look at them now!

Julianna Margulies.


Don’t let the shoes distract you from the fact that there is a beaded seam between the white and black at the bottom of this monstrosity. Because what the dress really needed was some beads.

Marion Cotillard.

Okay, this I love. Perhaps I shouldn’t, but there’s just something so fun about it. All that crazy satin hanging off her waist like so many drawing room curtains. WITH A PEEP SHOW FOR HER SHOES. Yep, I love it.

Morena Baccarin.

Um, this is ridiculous. What’s so ridiculous is that the bodice fits really well, and from the waist up she is babin’. Then you go waist down and it’s a NIGHTMARE. I can only assume that this was the inspiration.

Zuleikha Robinson.

This is the most awesome optical illusion EVER. Is that dark bit of dye down the front of the skirt her silhouette? Or is it just the dress? WHO KNOWS. I actually love this.

Nina Dobrev in Ellie Saab.

This is definitely a “showing off the skinny” moment for Dobrev. It’s a totally hot dress, like, rockin’. Especially the cut-outs. But for some reason I look at this picture and it makes me sad. And I love bright pink. Did Nina Dobrev just ruin bright pink for me?

Naya Rivera.

GOD, when will sheer cleavage triangles be over? I don’t need a tinted window through which  I can view your cleavage. I just don’t. I wouldn’t have thought it was possible to out-do Lea Michele’s Marchesa-fuelled red carpet mugging, but Rivera is practically begging us to notice her. NOTICE HER, people!


It’s LANGE. She’s here!! The woman is phenomenal.

Let’s have a break from dresses, with this amazing set of gifs Will found. (This one’s for Les Mis fans.)

Amanda Seyfried in Zac Posen.

This is just divine. Girl looks smashing, totally channelling the Lovelace sex appeal with that smoulder. I’m not usually a fishtail person, but that skirt is absolutely stunning. Also, I think navy might be the colour of the night, which I’m okay with.

January Jones.

This…I have no words.

Justin Timberlake.

Here’s JT in his “serious actor” get-up. You know, Grey Suit, looking all Justin Timberlake-y? That’s the best way I could describe him because, I mean, he looks charming, but he looks like he always looks. Vulture can back me up on this.

Rose Byrne in Valentino.

The hair is, UGH, such a mistake/disaster, but the dress is spectacular (and I love the twee, just-off-matching lip). We love this.

Lea Michele.

UGH. THIS. I mean, she looks fine (except for the gross ombre hair. Just cut it off, Lea!!), but it’s just UGH, you know?


Hahahahahahahahaha, THIS. When we saw this, Will said “Oh, she looks like a midget!” and I said “Who did that to her? That’s so mean!” This is just further evidence to support my theory that Kaley Cuoco’s stylist is playing a HUGE practical joke on her, all the time.

As you pan down, first it’s the Tara Reid hair, then the Barbie doll rouge, then the Midget Disaster Dress. And then, as you reach the bottom (and the last of the disturbing lace), you see that SHE IS WEARING THE RED CARPET AS SHOES. Girlfriend. Honeybabysweetie. No.

Aaron Paul and…his lady?

God, I just hate a shiny suit. This is very “boy band on the red carpet at the 2001 MTV awards”, this look. Plus, his shoes have two buckles? When you see his piercing eyes, it matters less. BUT IT STILL MATTERS.

Taye Diggs in YUMMY.

I feel like people need to be reminded that Taye Diggs is a distinguished, delicious sexbomb. AND HE CAN SING AND DANCE.

Bradley Cooper.

Um, this is terrifying to me. He looks VERY serial killer-y. I do actually really like his suit, but this photo is chilling.

Here are some other things I found:


And this:


So, there you have it. Attractive people in clothing. This wasn’t quite the rockin’ party that was the 2013 Globes, but it’ll do. We’ll be back again for the Oscars, so here’s our parting GIF-T!


Matilda Dixon-Smith is You’re Dripping Egg’s editor in chief. She likes to write about celebrities and the clothes they wear (especially while she’s wearing pyjamas). You can read YDE’s other 3013 awards coverage here

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